Bill to require student-athlete payments pulled by author

Athletes at California universities would have been required to be paid by their schools.

Asm. Chris Holden (D–Pasadena) withdrew the proposed bill, the College Athlete Protection Act, from a hearing before the state’s Senate Education Committee in California. 

His decision effectively ends its consideration in Sacramento. 


The big picture: The proposal aimed to require California universities earning at least $10 million in athletics media rights revenue each year to pay $25,000 to certain athletes through a “degree completion fund,” with additional funds available only after graduation.

  • The bill underwent modification as the revenue-sharing language was removed after the NCAA and the nation’s five biggest conferences announced a $2.8 billion settlement plan to address antitrust claims, allowing schools to make direct payments to their athletes.
  • Despite the modification, Holden continued to advocate for other provisions in the bill, emphasizing better health and safety standards for athletes and preventing schools from eliminating sports and cutting scholarships.
  • The bill faced a lack of support from the committee chairman, state Sen. Josh Newman, resulting in its withdrawal from consideration.
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