Another progressive California DA faces recall attempt

This could be the third high-profile progressive DA to go back before the voters.

Violent crime across California has sparked a movement to recall reform-minded district attorneys that many feel are “soft on crime.”

The backstory: There have been recall efforts against progressive district attorneys such as Chesa Boudin and George Gascon, with Boudin being successfully ousted last year. 


The big picture: Along with the effort to recall Gascon, an attempt to oust Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price has gained significant traction less than a year into her term. 

  • Critics of these district attorneys say their policies fuel lawlessness, citing an increase in brazen crimes such as home invasions and burglaries.
  • The recall movements in California are fueled by fed-up communities who have seen surging rates of violent and property crime.
  • Both Gascon and Price have defended their positions, but community groups argue that their policies create insecurity for residents.
  • Price’s recall attempt has until March 2024 to gather enough valid signatures to then put it in the hands of the voters. 
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