An old WWII-era bomb washed up on a Santa Cruz beach

The bomb was a practice bomb for the Navy and did not pose a threat.

A rusty bomb, believed to be a World War II-era practice bomb, washed up on a California beach after heavy surf pounded the coastline.

Driving the news: The bomb was discovered at Pajaro Dunes, located between Santa Cruz and Monterey.


  • The Santa Cruz County sheriff’s bomb squad inspected the bomb after it was found and determined it to be an inert military ordnance with no explosive materials.
  • Personnel from Travis Air Force Base were called in to remove and transport the inert bomb once it was deemed safe.
  •  The device was later confirmed to be a U.S. Navy practice bomb from World War II and will remain with the base’s explosive ordnance disposal.
  • The bomb, weathered with age but recognizable for its distinctive missile shape, was found on a beach that had been evacuated due to powerful storms in the Pacific Ocean.
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