Alameda County DA to face recall election in November

Progressive district attorney Pamela Price is facing a recall in large part due to high-crime rates in Oakland.

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price could be recalled from her position, two years after being elected on a progressive platform of offender rehabilitation and police accountability.

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors placed the recall election on the November ballot. 


Driving the news: Price has been criticized by opponents for emboldening criminals, fueling a rise in crime in Oakland. 

  • Supporters of Price argue that she’s being targeted by wealthy conservatives who are against reforming the criminal justice system. 

The big picture: The decision to consolidate the recall vote with the general election provides Price with a better chance to counter the recall effort, as more voters are expected to participate and the longer timeline allows for more mobilization of her supporters.

  • Price’s progressive policies, including seeking shorter sentences and prosecuting police officers for unlawful use of force, caused a rift within the local Democratic Party and drew criticism from Representative Eric Swalwell.
  • Price’s campaign has pushed back against the recall effort, alleging violations of election laws and calling for an investigation into the recall committee’s disclosure requirements.

What they’re saying: If the recall vote is successful, the Alameda County board would appoint a successor to Price as the District Attorney.

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