Club One Casino’s move, good-paying jobs, tax boost is ace in the hole for Fresno

Club One Casino’s move to Granite Park will return 300 jobs lost during the pandemic along with $1.2 million in tax revenues annually to Fresno, Fresno Chamber CEO Scott Miller writes.

On Thursday, the Fresno City Council will consider approval of Club One Casino’s proposed relocation of its state-licensed cardroom to Granite Park. 

Club One’s move to Granite Park will bring much needed activity, investment and security to an area that has struggled with vacant buildings, transient activity and vandalism.


When it reopens, Club One will employ a diverse workforce of approximately 300 people at competitive wages and generate over $1 million of annual tax revenue for the City of Fresno and its relocation requires no financial support or tax relief from the City. 

The Fresno Chamber of Commerce believes the City Council should approve Club One’s cardroom permit application and relocation to the Granite Park complex.  

Prior to closing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Club One provided safe, fun entertainment and high-wage jobs for Fresno residents, attracted thousands of out-of-town guests to Fresno with special events, provided valuable tax revenue for the City of Fresno and supported non-profits throughout the Central Valley. 

In 2019, Club One Casino paid over $1 million in taxes to the City’s general fund, over $2,800 per day.  In the same year, Club One paid almost $7 million in wages and benefits ($22,000 per day) to its employees, wages that have not been fully replaced by state and local assistance efforts. 

Every month that Club One Casino remains closed costs area residents $100,000 or more in tax revenue and almost $700,000 in wages and benefits.

In addition to its long history of safe, responsible operation locally, Club One Casino is considered an industry leader, serving on the board of the California Gaming Association and the California Council on Problem Gambling.

Club One Casino is also known for its support of local non-profits including service on the board of the Fresno Chaffee Zoo Corporation and funding the Kirkland Foundation, a non-profit animal welfare organization which rescues over 1,500 animals from euthanasia every year. 

When operating Club One Casino routinely hosts or sponsors fundraisers for dozens of area non-profits, including local high schools, youth groups, animal rescues, the Zoo, health organizations, ethnic groups and other non-profits which enhance the lives of Fresno residents.

Club One Casino’s renovation of a former unoccupied building in Granite Park brings almost $12 million of private investment to the area, is consistent with City efforts to return blighted buildings to productive use, has the support of the Mayor and City Manager’s office and area businesses and requires no City-funded support to succeed. 

Club One Casino also has a proven track record of over two decades of safe, responsible operation and has a long-standing, productive working relationship with the Fresno Police Department.  In a time when investment in blighted areas almost always requires some form of government inducement, this project requires nothing from the City other than its approval. 

The Fresno Chamber of Commerce urges Councilmembers to approve Club One Casino’s proposed relocation of its cardroom.

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