Cops bust massive weed grow in Delano. Here’s how much product was seized.

Despite legal weed in much of California, the black market’s grip – particularly in cannabis production – is pervasive.

Cities across the Central Valley are slowly moving forward with bringing legalized cannabis on board. 

But despite the legal efforts, the black market is as strong as ever, as evidenced by a major raid in Delano last week. 


The big picture: Law enforcement confiscated over $1.2 million worth of cannabis last week in Delano, totalling around 7,500 illegal marijuana plants. 

  • The Delano Police Department and the California Department of Cannabis Control conducted the raid at two commercial properties in the 1800 block of Glenwood Street. 
  • Delano police turned the plants over to the Kern County High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas team for disposal. 
  • Along with the raid, Delano Code Enforcement deemed the structures to be non-habitable, leading Southern California Edison to disconnect the electricity on site. 
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