Bay Area Coca-Cola distributor unionizes

Unions continue to make gains in the Bay Area beverage industry.

Employees at beverage distributor Reyes Coca-Cola are unionizing in the Bay Area. 

Teamsters announced that sales and merchandise workers at Reyes Coca-Cola voted 13-1 to join Teamsters Local 665, which is based in San Francisco. 


The big picture: Monday’s news comes after Local 665 organized a group of Pepsi workers in Santa Rosa last year, expanding the union’s presence in the Northern California beverage industry. 

  • Teamsters said in a statement that employees started to have interest in unionizing when they recognized significant changes to their pay structure without their input. Those alterations, according to Teamsters, were likely aimed at extending their time in the field for reduced pay. 
  • Teamsters Local 665 represents over 5,000 members throughout the Bay Area in waste management, transportation and other industries. 

What they’re saying: “When we win a contract at this company, they will never again be able to cut compensation or benefits unilaterally,” said Tom Woods, Local 665 Business Agent. “The workers at Reyes Coca-Cola have shown incredible courage and determination in organizing for their rights. We are proud to have been a part of this effort, and this victory sends a powerful message about the importance of fair treatment.” 

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