Valadao pushes for emergency assistance for dairy farmers

Dairy farmers took a hit earlier this year with the intense storms. Valadao’s proposal would provide federal emergency relief.

Rep. David Valadao (R–Hanford) has introduced legislation into Congress that would provide emergency assistance funds to dairy farmers. 

The big picture: Called the Emergency Assistance for Dairy Producers Act, it would ensure dairy producers impacted by the intense storms earlier this year in California would be able to qualify for Commodity Credit Corporation emergency assistance funds. 


  • There are currently limited options available to assist dairy farmers who were impacted by natural disasters. 
  • Valadao’s proposal would provide an avenue for dairy farmers to receive help to cover livestock relocation and feed crop losses, ensuring the Secretary of Agriculture has the proper explicit authority to assist dairy farmers using Commodity Credit Corporation funds. 

What they’re saying: “This year’s storms and flooding had a severe impact on parts of the Central Valley. Ensuring our communities have the resources needed to recover has continued to be one of my top priorities,” Valadao said. “Property damage, feed losses, and transportation costs from moving livestock during the flooding were devastating to Central Valley dairy farmers, but there are limited options for them to be reimbursed for these costs. The Emergency Assistance for Dairy Producers Act will ensure California’s dairy farmers can access available federal dollars to help offset some of these losses.”

  • Jim Mulher, the president and CEO of National Milk Producers Federation commended Valadao for introducing the bill. 
  • “California dairy farm families endured major challenges this year from storms that displaced families and cattle, damaged farms and feed supplies, and severely impacted crops being grown to feed the state’s dairy cows,” Mulher said. “Nobody understands these unique challenges better than Rep. Valadao, whose legislation points the way toward providing needed emergency resources to help California dairy producers recover from their losses.” 
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