Shakeup continues at Westlands as another high level executive steps down

Friday’s announcement continues the path of change that started with an overhaul of the board last year.

Shortly after appointing a new general manager, Westlands Water District continues to experience a shakeup of its high level executives. 

Friday, Westlands announced that Assistant General Manager and General Counsel Jon Rubin resigned. 


The big picture: Rubin first joined Westlands in 2018 as General Counsel, being promoted to Assistant General Manager in 2021. 

  • He was responsible for overseeing legal affairs, providing legal guidance to the Westlands board and senior management as well as dealing with public policy. 
  • Rubin’s resignation is the latest in a line of changes at Westlands that started with a sweeping board election last year. 
  • Former general manager Tom Birmingham stepped down late last year shortly after the election. He had been in charge of the district for 22 years. 
  • In March the board brought in Allison Febbo from the Mojave Water Agency to take charge as the new general manager preceding this latest move involving Rubin. 

What they’re saying: Febbo thanked Rubin for his dedication and commitment in a statement announcing his resignation. 

  • “Jon tirelessly advocated for the district and our landowners by navigating us seamlessly through complicated legal and public policy issues,” Febbo said. “While he will leave a void, we were fortunate to have him and are grateful for his leadership over the years.” 
  • Board members praised Rubin for his guidance and leadership, helping shepard the district through various challenges in dealing with intricate legal matters. 
  • “Jon served the district with integrity and with our best interests at heart,” said Board President Jeff Fortune. “His legal expertise was matched with his dedication to our unique, complex and ever-changing water needs. We thank him for his time, his commitment, and his honesty and wish him and his family well.”
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