Lake Shasta expected to be full by end of April

Strong rainfall in California over the last few months has Lake Shasta nearing full capacity.

Lake Shasta, California’s largest reservoir, is expected to be full by the end of April after a high amount of rainfall this year. 

This marks the second straight year where Lake Shasta will be utilized to its fullest extent after facing dire conditions in 2022 because of drought. 


By the numbers: Per the latest data recorded by the California Department of Water Resources, Lake Shasta was at 95 percent of its total capacity on Tuesday. 

  • With over 4.3 million acre feet of water, Lake Shasta is at 118 percent of the historical average for this date. Lake Shasta has averaged 3.67 million acre feet of water on April 9 historically. 

The big picture: Historical trends for Lake Shasta show that the reservoir should continue to fill up and reach its maximum capacity by May 1. 

  • After a rough start to the year, California’s snowpack has had a strong few months to be at 110 percent the historical average at the latest reading, which will boost the state’s reservoirs as warmer temperatures start to melt the snow. 
  • But Lake Shasta doesn’t need to bank on a strong snowmelt this year since it is nearly full. 
  • Don Bader, area manager for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, told the Redding Record Searchlight that the reservoir should be at full capacity by the end of April. 
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