Central Valley charcuterie tied to salmonella outbreak

The CDC has issued a recall of two charcuterie products after nearly 50 people have fallen ill across the nation.

Central Valley charcuterie producer Busseto Foods is at the center of a recall from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after a salmonella outbreak. 

The big picture: The CDC announced Thursday that a salmonella outbreak has been linked to charcuterie meats. 


  • The Busseto brand charcuterie sampler – which has prosciutto, sweet soppressata and dry coppa – that is sold in Sam’s Club was named in the recall. 
  • Fratelli Beretta was also named in the recall. 
  • The CDC said the meats have led to 47 illnesses across 22 states, resulting in 10 hospitalizations. 
  • People who purchased either brand are asked to throw them away and wash any surfaces or containers that they may have touched. 
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