California Recall

The price-tag for Calif.’s reopening? A $215mil recall election, state officials say.

An analysis released Thursday projects the recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom will cost at least $215 million, less than what elections officials initially estimated but a large enough price tag that local governments across California will need the state to pick up the tab.

The estimate, contained in a memo to the Joint Legislature Budget Committee, was calculated by surveying elections officials from each of the state’s 58 counties. It could provide the basis for one of two fiscal analyses required by California law, both of which must be completed before a date can be set for the special election in which voters could oust Newsom from office.

“The total costs reported by all counties to conduct a special statewide recall election is $215 million,” state Dept. of Finance Keely Martin Bosler wrote in the letter to lawmakers. “This estimate does not reflect the Secretary of State’s costs associated with a statewide recall election.”

The bulk of the costs for the election would be incurred on the local level, where elections are conducted. State costs are generally much smaller.

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